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let's talk about Selena Gomez

You guys.  I was such a fan of Revival but I cannot deny how shitty was RARE.
What the hell ? Sorry, good evening, good morning or good afternoon I hope you are well during those days, and since I'm midly inspired to write my fµmgfjks; story, here I am discussing something no one really care about.

So yes, Selena Gomez. She embodied a lot of ideals for me, in her ways she always seemed to me very geniuine and relatable. I'm not talking about the fact that no, she can't be relatable since she has been under the spotlights forever but more because she was open to discuss her own issues, and especially her mental health issues, which I found very refreshing.

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We're the same age but I don't envy her life at all. With RARE, I realized that she lacks a lot of maturity. A lot guys, And no, I'm not even saying that because she dared to dump the Weeknd to get back to the guy she went to rehab for. No, no, no. I'm talking about her perspective on her own persona. If she describes this piece as the most personal and growned up, but it's barely elaborate, not really thought through. It sounds childish, shallow and very amateur.

She let me down guys, she let me down.

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I never thought that I would write that.

I miss Paris. It has been the longest far from home that I’ve ever been.

I made this very old days style picture. I don’t know if some of you remember when I started this LiveJournal the type of pics that I used to post.


What a way to say goodbye

Hello there. It's been a while. A few months.
I needed time to figure out weather or not I should get back here and keep on writing. I didn't know what I actually want or what I need. I've changed so much during those past 7 years. I don't feel like I belong here anymore.
But, I still wanna write and share, because this place felt like a therapy for a while. I needed this time apart to figure things out about it. I need another place to feel okay.
That's why I need to give this place a farewell and build a new one.

See you for more adventures !

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We are here

Here in Paris, in France, last night nobody wanted to go to bed. We were too afraid to give up on those who were fighting outside, looking for the love ones, or surviving to sleep. War came at our doors. But we keep standing proud. We are wound but not divided. We will keep fighting for our freedom, our rights. They don't want us to be united. They want us to remain divided.

I don't words for what happened. If you follow me on twitter I've been active all night long, mostly in french, thank you for those who asked me if I was okay. I'm very familiar with the neighborhood where the attacks took place. I go there very often with Emett. We were suppose to go there last night, but thank God, he had to work outside the city. We could have been there.


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Pictural - Public Post

Hello there. Today I'd like to share the work of a young french photographer: Clémence. I discovered her work thanks to a friend.  Her characteristic property is that she managed to develop her own style, fresh and innocent, in her photographies in spite of her young age, she's only 16. Her work inspires sensitivity and frailty, it's fully grown and quiet impressive. I doubt you'd stay heartless once you'll see her work. I won a giveaway she did recently and we met at the very beginning of spring break to set up a shooting session. It happened wonderfully, the weather was delightful and the neighbourhood perfect.

When I went to the photoshoot I was quiet nervous, I had never done such thing before and I'm pretty sure that if I would stay the same person I was when I started this blog I would be upset - I couldn't even bear to see myself on pictures. Clémence was very reassuring and it all went cool. When I discovered the pictures I couldn't recognize myself. I looked so childish and innocent, I would say 'cute' but you might think 'eh what the hell with that girl throwing herself flowers ?!' while I am not hard, but kinda serious. This photoshoot explored a part of me I had left behind. The child inside. I'm smiling constantly like a Disney princess who I'm not, comm'on guys. So you'll probably find it hard to think that this girl on those pictures is the one who talk about so much things in that livejournal;

You can discover the rest of her work on her blog : Menthe & Mangue but also on her facebook page or her flickr

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A few moment of silence

Hello everyone, how's life ? Mine is pretty lame. I'm overreacting of course but this is that I have been so busy with school lately that I can't even properly rest at night. I mean I sleep or I'm tryting to but the fact is that when I wake up I still feel the tiredness :(
I am so late in my work to do because of illness last week and also because of work that I have the double amount of work to catch up and be on time in my courses. I don't think that I'll manage to do it properly as I really have A LOT OF WORK like A LOT. The other thing very upseting xhen you have a large amount of work is the absence of computer. Eugene is dead, like literaly. I put him in a box to send it, hope it'll get fix or that at least I'll have another one in replacement.
Anyway. It's been two months since I'm in couple everything is fine with Yoann, just one thing disturbs him: he does feel insecure about my feelings for him like he keeps wondering why do I date him while I could date another guy. That's sweet and cute. I'm trying to be the more reassuring possible and I hope that it works. Concerning my friends, well I can't see Nouna as much as I'd like to and Tatiana became pretty distant now that she's hanging out with her boyfriend's mates. Stuff with family were pretty confused and complicated lately and I'd rather talk about later on (meaning when I'll get back a proper computer).

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I Still Love Private Laughter and Taking Pictures of the sky :)

Today didn't start that well but ended up with the better way possible : meeting with friends
Yeah, Nanou (my sis) wasn't that great, she fought with mother for the very same reason as usual : she doesn't want her to take her responsabilities with her works like making phone calls, bla bla bla, she got mad, she got a cigarette and we went home.
We went home to my cousin's yesterday (yeah, I know, again) because THE KIDS asked us. I swear that was the kids this time. I found that baby Amber was way more...messy and disobedient when her siblings were there than usual. Anyway.
Nanou and I met with my friends and we had a great time talking about studies, and boys and BLOGGING ! To be frank that's the first time I speak about my livejournal since I've created it four year and half ago. So that was kinda step for me. The thing is that nobody got me confortable enough to speak up about something that personal but this time was different I mean...I felt like I couldn't be judged by them and they also opened up about their own desire to make a blog so I couldn't keep my mouth shut about this topic :) and it felt better than I thought to talk about it.

It made me food for brain about this livejournal, I don't like the word blog. But I never felt better than on this blog. I mean, I started because I wanted to share my thoughts about life in general and about my current happiness back four years ago. I had so much imagination, I could write everyday and I was. Everything was in french when I started but I wanted to expend and find new friends so I make an effort and started to write in english. Everything hadn't been that great since but I can tell that I am still very happy to write there, it comfortes me and make me feel better when eveything goes wrong. Thanks to you guys I learned a lot and I am grateful for the life I have. I am not perfect and I am not reaching it anymore. I got more confidence. I grew up.
I still love to take pictures of the sky, I mean.. that can be seen as silly because the sky is always above us and we all have the same but I don't know why  I like to share it even if tomorrow we will exactly the same. I love taking sky pictures from different spots to see if they match together or not. Especially during the dawn or the twilight. I just love it. It's like this quiet simple and common beautiness was a reason enough to live for me. Just to see it, no matter where you are. It's like God's call.