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Coco Jewels
01 octobre 2029 @ 00:36

comment to be added.
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Coco Jewels
03 octobre 2016 @ 19:31
Coco Jewels
15 juin 2016 @ 00:03
Hello there. It's been a while. A few months.
I needed time to figure out weather or not I should get back here and keep on writing. I didn't know what I actually want or what I need. I've changed so much during those past 7 years. I don't feel like I belong here anymore.
But, I still wanna write and share, because this place felt like a therapy for a while. I needed this time apart to figure things out about it. I need another place to feel okay.
That's why I need to give this place a farewell and build a new one.

See you for more adventures !