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history remembers those who take action

friends only journal, please ~♡.

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Coco Jewels
29 September
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love comes and goes.
Kamie, 29th Sept, Female, Paris, FRANCE. Sometimes, I pretend to be what I'm not, while here, it's only me and my feelings. Call it a diary, now and then, for me that's just the only that I really belong in. I'm simple, quiet young and intrested by any forms of art and eruditions. Even sciences, despite the fact that I hate maths. But I do love History. I like all kinds of music, but Jazz in particular, HipHop and Old School Rap. I won't hide my love for some asian artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki or Namie Amuro.
I love nature, and the routine. I also love surprises and I'm full of. I'm like crazy about coffee.
I love to write, I love to read since I know how to read. I can't quote specific books but I love almost everything.
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